Sunday, March 14, 2010

Day 1

Well, we're off!
After spending the better part of Saturday either in a plane or an airport, we have arrived save and sound. We are staying with Oma & Opa (Anne's grandparents). Anne's aunt and two cousins. Anne's uncle moved his camper trailer here (to oma & opa's), so that is where we will be sleeping at night. When we arrived we were immediately served tea and lunch. It was great. So far, the language barrier has not been too bad. Anne's family knows more English than she let on, and the rest of the time Anne translates for me. After lunch, we went for a nice long walk around town. It is sooo beautiful here. I can see why Anne like visiting here. The remainder of the evening was mostly visiting and then, finally, after a long day, we went to bed. Tomorrow, we plan to go to the bakery and small store in this very quaint little town. Also, I think it may take some time for Julia (Anne's youngest cousin) to warm up to me. She is a little shy right now.

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