Monday, March 15, 2010

Day 2

Ok, I am up now! Last night we were both wide awake for about an hour or maybe a little more, and we got up at 8am. Breakfast is on thing that I will have to get used to, having cold cuts first thing in the morning does not come naturally to me. With breakfast done, we settle in to a few games of rummikub with Oma & Opa. Two and a half hours later and seven games later, I am hooked and we finish playing for the day. So far, this is the highlight to my day.
Later in the day, just after lunch, Anne and I went for another walk on a different rout that was just as nice as the day before. While we were out we spotted a a trail that we plan to walk tomorrow. So far, our walks have been at least an hour, if not more.
Oh yah, the other thing I am getting used to is that the big meal of the day is lunch, breakfast and supper are the lighter meals. Anywho, we just got back from our walk when Petra (Anne's aunt) asks us if we would like to join her and go pick up a few things from Goch, the next biggest town from where we are, in Kessel. It is such a nice place. We hope to go back and see it again when we have more time to explore and when it is not raining.
The only sad par of the day was, we never did make it to the bakery. But we will keep trying. Well, Julia is slowly getting used to me. Today I got my first hug. A small on, but a hug. I will take what I can, she is a sweetheart.

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