Saturday, March 27, 2010

Day 14

Well, it was suppose to rain today. So we walked to Austria... We thought we would get in as much walking as we could before it started to rain. We set out at 9am and decided to explore a new route. So we headed into the more residential area and started walking. We discovered a few hidden gems, a cute little cafe, a discount sports store and a bakery. Then headed back into town and had lunch. After lunch, we walked around town for a while just killing time. With not so much as a cloud or drop of rain, we resumed our explorations. We found a well walked path along a river and followed it until we got to a bridge by a dam. We started to head back when we decided to walk across the Austrian boarder. The hike was beautiful. We ended up walking about ten minutes on the other side of the boarder. The scenery and the fact that we did it together is officially the highlight of our tour to the south. We ended up turning back because it was about 4:30ish. So we headed back the way we came but found a different way back into town. By now we were hungry, so we went back to the pizza place and enjoyed another pizza. When we got back to the youth hostel, we figured out that we had walked some where around 17-20km. We were both sleeping by 9pm. We had an amazing day.

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