Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Day 11

Once again we caught a train this morning right after breakfast. Today we spent the morning ans part of the afternoon on a train. We only had to change trains three times, but the whole trip was going to take about 7 hours. The last time we stopped, we were waiting and waiting, until we were told that there was a problem on the tracks. So, we got off the train and boarded a bus (the bus driver actually asked one of the other passengers how to get to Fussen). The bus ride was good. I now know how sharp and how maneuverable a bus really is (we made it around some pretty tight corners). We made it into Fussen around 4 in the afternoon and after asking a few people for directions and taking the scenic route, we made it to the youth hostel (about 7 min. from the train station). It was about 4:30 when we got there and about 5:15 by the time we were in our room. We dropped our bags, caught our breath and started on the town. We walked around and tried to find a place for supper. But most places close around 6pm, so finding a place for supper was fun. We eventually found this little Italian, American, greasy spoon, type place and had pizza. The guy running the place was really friendly and the food was actually pretty good. After we had supper, we headed back and went to bed.
Tomorrow, we are going to try and go see some castles and other such stuff.

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