Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Day 4

This morning we are on our way to Kleve. You will never guess what the first thing we did when we got there? We found on of many bakery's and had breakfast. Then we just walked around for most of the day, in and out of different stores and finally out to see some sights.
For lunch we found a fry stand and had curry worst and fries. It was so good. After that, we were picked up by Petra and went to pick Julia and Laura up. And the five of us headed to another town called Emmerich. There we spent a few hours just walking the boardwalkish thing by the water.
While we were there, I was introduced to spaghetti ice (ice cream made to look like spaghetti), it was pretty good.
On the way home, Anne, Laura and Julia (all in the back seat) had a giggle fit for a good long time. It is good to see Anne having so much fun with everyone (and of course I am having a blast as well!!).
Tonight when Julia said good night, I said, good night in German and she gave me the biggest smile and a thumbs up. It made my day.
But the down side to today is, no rummikub. Maybe tomorrow. We are both bushed when we got back. I was in bed, sleeping before 9pm. Mind you, we have been getting up around 6:30- 7:00 every morning and once at about 5:30. But it's good, we both wake up feeling mostly rested.

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