Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Day 10

This morning, we caught a ride with Petra to Kleve and got on the train to Koblenz. The train ride lasted about two hours. It was beautiful. We arrived in Koblenz around 2 in the afternoon. We settled into our room and the adventure started. Our first idea was to go see one of the castles in the area. But the first one we wanted to see was closed for renovations. We found one, at the top of a small mountain (large hill) and found a bus that would take us to the base and we would have to walk up. Great, we thought, we have been siting for two hours we need to do a little walking. The bus ended up dropping us off one bus stop too early.
So, we walked and walked, up and up, for about 45min., until a nice couple, which we were about to pass, told us that the castle just around the corner was closed for renovations. Yes, CLOSED. That was ok, we came all this way, we would at least look at it from the outside and take some pictures. No, they said, no can't even see it, it is all blocked off. That was quit a let down. Down we went. At least we only had half the distance to walk to the correct bus stop.
It was not a complete disappointment, we had a chance to see the town and get in “some” walking. But after that, we decided that with most if not all of the bigger attractions closed for the season, we would cut our stay from two nights, to just one.
It was getting late, so we found a mall and had curry-wurst and fries, and gelati for desert (believe it or not, the gelati in Winnipeg is better). Then we headed back and went to bed.

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