Sunday, March 21, 2010

Day 8

Well ok, I cheated a little. Yesterday was not a very eventful day, so I skipped it. I did however bake biscuits... They did not turn out quit right, but that will happen when baking from memory.

So, on to today. We had a lot of fun today. Johannes (Anne's uncle) came over and spent the day with us. The six of us, Johannes, Petra, Laura, Julia, Anne & I all went for a short walk. Then when we came back, Oma & Opa decided that they wanted to go for a “walk” as well.

So we geared then up, broke out the wheel chairs and took them for a walk. Now there are nine of us, the six mentioned above, Oma, Opa and Christina (the lady that helps take care of Anne's grandparents).

On the way Anne said, “Leave it to Oma & Opa to go the the cemetery on the walk in who knows how long.” After the cemetery, we continued our walk for quit some time (and quit far). We all had a blast. I think even Oma & Opa had a good time. The rest of the afternoon was very laid back.

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