Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Day 3

Last night was our first night in the camper and we slept like logs, most of which I apparently was sawing for the last few nights. We had to get up part way through the night and turn the heat down, our guess is that it was about 30 Celsius. But we still slept good. We got up around 6am this morning and had tea with Petra, Laura and Julia (Anne's aunt and cousins).
Then, guess what we did........ Ok, we went to the bakery and got some fresh buns for breakfast. It was heavenly. There is a reason we are going for walks every day.
And after breakfast, we played rummikub again. We then went next door to Tante Gerta's (Oma's sister) for tea. After tea, Petra & Julia, decided to take us on a little tour of an old nunnery and a boarding school (two different places).
Then we did some more visiting and went to bed early. Tomorrow, we are going to Kleve with Petra. And while she is at work we will wander around and see what we can... and maybe if we are lucky, find a few bakery's on the way. It is official, today I got my first big hug and smile from Julia. We had a lot of fun today.
The other exciting thing about today was, I found something I have been missing since Africa. Bitter Lemon (the drink). It was so good.

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